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Il Baiocco Bed & Breakfast is nestled among the lanes of Ragusa Ibla. Everything inside references the typical and characteristic elements of Ragusa and the Hyblaean Mountains. The location makes it the ideal place to stay when visiting Ragusa and the surrounding area. And our bar is the perfect spot for you to relax and enjoy a delicious drink.


Deluxe Room (Max 4 people)

Baiocco Deluxe Room is a large cosy and comfortable suite, with an ensuite bathroom. This type of room accommodates additional beds, making it ideal for both couples and families. Featuring a typical Sicilian dome vaulted ceiling, the Baiocco Deluxe Room is distinguished by the Sicilian cementine floor from the early 1900s and by a stone niche used to house typical Sicilian art objects from the late 1800s.
The decor mirrors the typical Sicilian style with unique elements. For example, the headboard is decorated with a series of Caltagirone ceramic tiles depicting “San Giorgio”.
The room houses the best comforts of a classy hotel, accompanied by exclusive amenities.

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The origin of the name  Baiocco,  which still refers to the Distefano/Cafiso family residing in Ragusa Ibla, dates back to the 16th century when a young workshop apprentice, Francesco, fell in love with a beautiful girl named Giorgia, the third child born to a noble family. Since Francesco needed to prove that he possessed at least 10,000 baiocchi, typical Sicilian coins of the 1500s, to ask for the hand of his beloved nobody believed that the two young lovers would be able to marry.
The young man did not lose heart and began to make “Tuppetti” (spinning tops, a Sicilian game for children) selling each one at the price of 1 baiocco. News rapidly spread
to the neighbouring towns of a young man who was collecting funds by selling “Tuppetti” to challenge the local aristocracy’s powers, those who were responsible for throwing the majority of the population into absolute poverty.
This young man was the Baiocco…
Now called “U Baiocco” by all, in truth, young Francesco only wanted to marry his beloved.
In order to avoid any political issues, Giorgia’s father granted his beautiful daughter’s hand to Baiocco, who finally realised his dream, living a long life and continuing to build “Tuppetti”. Since then, all the members of Francesco and Giorgia’s lineage have been called the Baiocchi…

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The Baiocco Deluxe Room is a large cosy and comfortable suite, with an ensuite bathroom. This type…

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